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Annie H (Flux88)

Annie's avatar Member
Join Date: July 3, 2012
Articles Submitted: 14

Articles written by Annie H
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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Review

Some decent ideas falter under poor execution in this latest franchise spinoff

Chaos on Deponia Review

An improved sequel that sets up the ground for the final installment

Tomb Raider Review

The game that Tomb Raider fans have been yearning for

The Cave Review

A polished adventure/platformer with excellent humor

DmC: Devil May Cry Review

No matter the changes, this is still a worthy entry of the Devil May Cry franchise

The Walking Dead: Season 1 Review

May as well be the best zombie game to have come out in quite some time

Zone of the Enders HD Collection Review

A good bargain for those who played and loved the games and want to revisit the universe

To The Moon Review

A unique indie game that successfully focuses on storytelling

Lucius Review

A guilty pleasure for fans of the horror genre

Deponia Review

A good game with only a couple of flaws which prevent it from being excellent

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Review

Compared to previous installments of the series, this is a definite improvement on all aspects

Resonance Review

A purely old-school title and a homage to the classic adventure games

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

Better than the average movie tie-in

Silent Hill: Downpour Review

A decent attempt which doesn't quite manage to reach its full potential
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News of the Week
DayZ entering beta stage
The very long in-development game is finally planning a full launch

Posted 6 days ago
Dynasty Warriors 9 offers a demo
Trial version includes a few characters and battles to try
6 days ago
Microsoft Studios acquires Obsidian Entertainment and inX...
Two veteran RPG development studios now under the Microsoft wing
2 days ago
Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection gets a demo
Fans can try out both Persona 3 and Persona 5 dancing games
7 days ago
The next story DLC for Final Fantasy XV will be the last
Future DLC chapters cancelled for JRPG, multiplayer goes standalone
5 days ago
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First expansion for Forza Horizon 4 coming in...
Nov 12, 2018 by dapperr
horizon expansions are always a good time
Microsoft Studios acquires Obsidian Entertainment...
Nov 12, 2018 by Jocko Johnson
you obviously don't remember the Perfect Dark Zero and...
Microsoft Studios acquires Obsidian Entertainment...
Nov 12, 2018 by hero54k
they will be fine. MS is not EA. Also they chose to be...
Crackdown 3 - Wrecking Zone Gameplay Trailer Video...
Nov 11, 2018 by Jocko Johnson
if this is just a mode of the game fine but if this is...
Microsoft Studios acquires Obsidian Entertainment...
Nov 11, 2018 by Jocko Johnson
rest in peace Obsidian2003-2018rest in peace...
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