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Platform: PC
Reviewed on PlayStation 3

Driver: SF slightly delayed, will utilize Always-online PC DRM

The much-debated DRM is back on PC for next Ubisoft title

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In a tweet spotted by EuroGamer, Ubisoft has confirmed that the upcoming Driver: San Francisco will utilize the Always-Online DRM scheme on PC.

Months after apparently retiring the program, Ubisoft's solution to PC piracy is back in full swing. The news was confirmed in
a Tweet after a fan asked for more details: "PC version requires permanent internet connection."

EuroGamer also found that the discussion continued over Twitter, and a reason for the DRM was provided as: "Bear in mind though that the PC version of DRVSF is released simultaneously to consoles." Thus it seems, PC users will have to cope with the DRM - or accept the delays of the PC version, much like the recent From Dust or The Cartel.

Console players aren't in the clear though, as Driver will also be the first game to utilize Ubisoft's new online pass (
UPlay Pass) that's required to play online. It comes free with all new copies of the game, but costs $10 if bought separately.

It was also spotted that the game has been delayed in North America slighty, now releasing on September 6th. According to the publisher, shipping delays are to blame.

Driver: San Francisco is set to reboot the classic driving franchise. The game is set to arrive on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.
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Driver: San Francisco

Driver: San Francisco

Driver: San Francisco

Driver: San Francisco
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Driver: San Francisco
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Our Review of Driver: San Francisco
Reviewed on PlayStation 3
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Driver: San Francisco (PlayStation 3) is ranked #163 out of 1505 total reviewed games. It is ranked #30 out of 112 games reviewed in 2011.
162. Driver: San Francisco
PlayStation 3
163. Driver: San Francisco
164. Snoopy Flying Ace
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Driver: San Francisco
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