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Platform: PlayStation 3

Darkness, The

Also known as: The Darkness
On his 21st birthday, the awesome and terrible powers of the Darkness awaken within Jackie Estacado, a mafia hitman for the Franchetti crime family. With his new powers, Jackie is able to wreak terrifying havoc on his enemies. Jackie must learn to fully command the Darkness so he can take back control of the Franchetti family, which is ruled by his uncle Paulie, a despicable man who is almost universally despised.
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The Darkness Review - Sep 10, 2010 11:34

The Darkness Review - Sep 10, 2010 11:08
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Darkness, The

Darkness, The

Darkness, The

Darkness, The
Darkness, The
Darkness, The box art Platform:
PlayStation 3
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Darkness, The is ranked #117 out of 1494 total reviewed games. It is ranked #4 out of 15 games reviewed in 2007.
117. Darkness, The
118. Darkness, The
Xbox 360
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