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ArmA 3 announced

Bohemia Interactive announces the brand new installment in its realistic military simulator series

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Bohemia Interactive, the independent Czech development studio, has announced the development of Arma 3, the brand new installment in its series of realistic military simulators.

Combining over 10 years of experience, building upon the strength of its predecessors, and set in the most detailed environment of the series to date, Arma 3 offers gamers radical engine improvements and a unique sandbox-style military gameplay experience.

Bohemia Interactive´s CEO, Marek Spanel, explains: 'We're happy to bring the next generation of the Real Virtuality engine to life. The increased potential of the engine should allow Arma 3 to become our best-looking, most detailed and innovative military simulation game to date.'

After years of intense warfare against Eastern armies, Europe has become the last stand for the battered NATO forces. On the verge of being driven into the sea, NATO command embarks upon a most desperate measure. In the hope of seizing what seems to be a well-guarded military secret, Operation Magnitude is launched. A small group of Special Forces and Researchers are sent to a Mediterranean island deep behind enemy lines. However, the mission is compromised and the task force destroyed, leaving Cpt. Scott Miller washed ashore upon the hostile island.

Ivan Buchta, Creative Director of Arma 3, adds: 'Our ambition is not only to deliver the next generation of Arma with the improved engine, but also to fully exploit the potential of our new technology in the gameplay. You can look forward to the unique experience of blending sandbox-style combat with a rich story.'

The next chapter of this military simulation game is scheduled for release exclusively for PC in Summer 2012.
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Arma 3 Screenshots

Arma 3 Screenshots

Arma 3 Screenshots

Arma 3 Screenshots

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