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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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Platform: Switch
Reviewed on PC

Portal games coming to Switch

Portal: Companion Collection will bring the puzzle games to the Nintendo console

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Nintendo and Valve have announced that Portal: Companion Collection is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2022.

The collection includes both Portal and Portal 2, as the franchise makes its debut on the Nintendo console. Portal has its original campaign, while Portal 2 adds in local, online and split-screen multiplayer modes.

The games were developed for the Nintendo Switch in collaboration with NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios, and will be priced at $19.99 USD.

Portal and Portal 2 were first released on PC in 2007 and 2011, respectively, before being ported to Xbox 360 and PS3.

Portal video game

Game Screens
Portal 2

Portal 2

Portal 2
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Portal 2
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Our Review of Portal 2
Reviewed on PC
Game Ranking
Portal 2 (PC) is ranked #35 out of 1911 total reviewed games. It is ranked #4 out of 103 games reviewed in 2011.
34. Flower
PlayStation 3
35. Portal 2
36. Limbo
Xbox 360
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