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Platform: PC

Plasma Puncher

Plasma Puncher is an action-brawler taking place at a cellular level. As the last standing white blood cell, you must destroy the virulent army of microbes that invaded the bloodstream, using your bare fists and an assortment of power-ups and special attacks.

Plasma Puncher Screenshots (10)
Plasma Puncher Review - May 13, 2017 18:23
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Plasma Puncher

Plasma Puncher

Plasma Puncher

Plasma Puncher
Plasma Puncher
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Game Ranking
Plasma Puncher is ranked #801 out of 1463 total reviewed games. It is ranked #74 out of 174 games reviewed in 2017.
801. Plasma Puncher
802. Guacamelee 2
PlayStation 4
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