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Battlefield 3 Review

An enthralling, dynamic multiplayer experience with the visual and audio package to match

Posted by (nutcrackr) on
In comparison to the Bot matches in BF2 or the campaign in BC2 the single player and co-op in BF3 is a huge improvement. These two sections are easy to criticize and therefore the entire game can be discredited rather unjustly. These elements are more like the extras for a movie. They become relevant only if you plan on avoiding the multiplayer, otherwise they are merely pretty distractions or subtle tutorials. Multiplayer is the core experience and it dominates everything else like a knife to the throat.
Co-op sniping was a highlight of the two player missions
Co-op sniping was a highlight of the two player missions

Origin, required for the PC version, is EA’s version of Steam with a storefront and in-game chat overlay. Origin’s minor issues are no worse than Steam had during its infancy. The biggest change gamers will actually experience is with Battlelog. It moves the menus and server lists to a web browser and integrates stats, friends, platoons and a feed. Battlelog is slick and functional with fast server browsing and up to the minute stat tracking. It displays a match summary with scores, squads and best players. You can comment on matches or friends stats and participate in the integrated forums. Rapid updates can be made to Battlelog without touching the core game.

Battlefield 3 is probably a couple of patches away from gameplay perfection. In a few months it might be the experience it should have been at launch. Right now it’s hard to get the ultimate experience every match. The rush to beat out the third modern warfare game is ultimately the reason why it stumbles when it should be soaring. Those that have preordered will be getting BF2 maps later in the year which should improve overall map quality. If the game is more stable, balanced and feature rich by then it’s unlikely that anything will best its multiplayer this year. You don’t have to decide whether to buy BF3 or not, just choose how you want to play it.
Our ratings for Battlefield 3 on PC out of 100 (see how we rate)
The ultimate visual package with incredible destruction, effects, animations and lighting. The audio engine is the cream on top.
Being in a squad that is a small part of a team fighting for control of the entire battlefield is a remarkable experience. The shooting feels fantastic as do all the weapons and vehicles. The balance is good and the replayabilty is insane.
Single Player
Sets a steady pace and has enough variety. Good way to introduce players to some multiplayer elements. Settles for a more grounded cast and isn't quite as polished or memorable as that competing series.
The multiplayer is rewarding, addictive, teamwork focused, massive and occasionally infuriating. The variety of maps, player counts and modes allows for most play styles. Some maps are poorly arranged for some modes.
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CPU: AMD Phenom II 955 @ 3.2GHz
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 1GB
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
PC Specs

A great machine is required for the ultra setting. There are long load times and some crashes. Thankfully on medium-high it looks better than anything else released. Bugs and oversights hold the game back from great success.
The finest multiplayer game in years. BF3 has satisfying shooting, truly massive battles, amazing visuals and rewarding teamwork aspects.
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#1 Nov 5, 2011 21:14:16 (Nov 5, 2011 21:14)

 Bad spawns are really killing this game for me right now. Half my deaths in any given game are spawn deaths. If they patch them, add a better map, fix some of the glitches and tweak the balance (SCAR-H is overpowered) I can see myself playing this a lot. 
Battlefield 3
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