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Last modified: October 1, 2014


New Game Network (NGN) is an online publication which focuses on video game reviews, news, and articles dedicated to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and Windows PC platforms. The website first opened in January 2009 by two co-founders, and has gained new members, readers, and fans ever since. NGN is independently owned and operated. Below you can find some detailed information about our current staff, as well as a personal blurb. If you are not sure who to contact, please see this page.


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Alex V
Co-Founder, Executive Editor

"I have been gaming since early 90s, starting with the N64 and then PC a few years later. Much time has passed since those days, but the love for the industry grows ever stronger. And what better way to channel that passion than with an outlet. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy our website!"



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Ben T
Co-Founder, Web Architect

"I've been playing PC games intently since the 90s, including greats like Diablo, Red Alert, Duke 3D. I'm a strong PC game supporter and try to help the platform as much as I can. I prefer First person shooters, but also play many other genres of gaming. My game collection is getting larger each year and I'm a big user of Steam. I play both single player and multiplayer games. I have done some modding work before on various game engines but I'm more a dabbler because I find it fun to learn how to mod games then move on. I visit many game related sites for news and discussions because I like being involved in the game community. Thanks for visiting us!"


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Tim Reid
Senior Reviews Editor

"Having been an avid PC gamer from a young age, I enjoy playing games from virtually every genre apart from hard-core racing Sims and MMO's. I believe that for a game to be good, it must have well designed and well implemented core-mechanics before flashy visuals and gimmicks. I also enjoy working on and with computers; I am the go-to guy for friends and family when it comes to computer troubles."




Peter Ingham
Senior Editorial Contributor

"After a love affair with Mario World when I was about five, I became hooked on gaming and still am to this day. I studied multimedia at college and then went to university and obtained a 1st in Computer Games Design: Story Development (quite a mouthful) in 2009. At the moment I work for a creative content company, work on my own writing and of course contribute to NGN. Next year I plan to get some of my writing published and buy a pair of solid gold sneakers."




Evan Witt
Senior Reviews Editor

"As a child I struggled against mad jealousy of those playmates who had an SNES or a Sega Genesis. In my teen years I learned to vent my frustration by building starship fleets and arming myself with rocket launchers. My only remaining task before I reach absolute transcendence is to discover the greatest video game in existence. In order to chronicle my quest, I've decided to write reviews. My favorite genres are puzzle and RTS, and my biggest pet peeves are trial-and-error gameplay, jump scares, and gold coins (the absolute lowest form of motivation in a game). I'm especially interested in the Indie gaming market, and I sincerely believe that video games can (and should) reach a level of high artistic value."


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Brendan Griffiths

"I've been gaming since the Commodore 64 in the 80s, but I really fell in love with it with the Sega Mega-Drive and Sonic. Nowadays, I'm all over anything PlayStation old or new. I arrived late to the 360 party but I enjoyed catching up with some exclusive classics. My favourite genre tends to be the FPS, although my favourite game is Uncharted 2. Or is it Streets of Rage 2?"



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Matt Porter

"Games come and go too quickly for me to really sit down and think about a favourite one. If it was measured by time, it would probably be World of Warcraft after the years I spent playing it, but that was merely an accident, honest! I'll play pretty much any genre of game going as long as it's a quality product. Except for maybe fighting games, the community for that genre is far too hostile - I much prefer playing League of Legends and Dota 2 where there's a much friendlier environment. Joking aside, if I wasn't reviewing games I'd be making them. So, long live video games!"


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Josh Hinke

"I was introduced to video games at the tender age of 5, when I performed a hostile take over of Duck Hunt and Super Marion on the original NES. This blossomed into a full on love which drove me to play the latest demo at department store electronic section, invite myself over to a friends house to play the latest game, and eventually turning my mom's PC into my first gaming console. I have journeyed with video games from Sonic the Hedgehog to Resident Evil to Oblivion. I love how games not only show you worlds, you may never see, but they also extend the invitation to come and play in these worlds. Making them different than anything other art form to date."


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David Will

"I didn't even touch a keyboard and mouse until the 21st century dawned on us, but from there onward it was just a matter of time before I ended up where I am today. Raised on a diet of demo discs and Quake, with occasional dips into Nintendo's kingdom, nowadays I live for those precious few games that really show us how it's done. I'm stubbornly loyal to the PC and hold a great deal of concern for the future of gaming - indie, AAA, warts and all."


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Peter Hoey

"Ever since I put Ganon out of his misery back in The Legend of Zelda, I have played and collected whatever video games and consoles I could get my hands on. After introducing myself to epics such as Super Mario 64, Final Fantasy VIII, Shadow of the Colossus, this interactive media became more than just a prioritized hobby; it became my lifestyle. It was a lifestyle that introduced me to worlds, characters and situations I could never dream of. During college, after beating my friends silly with Pikachu in Super Smash Bros., I decided to take that lifestyle and incorporate it with another beloved hobby of mine: writing. To this day I play a variety of games on PC, PlayStation 3 and several other consoles while producing as many articles as I can in an attempt to hone my craft."


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Alex Moore

"I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember, ever since a SNES and a copy of Super Mario World was passed down to me and my brother in the mid 90's when I was about five. This invariably instilled a long-lasting love affair with not only Nintendo, but the medium itself. Fast forward to the present and I'm still as in love with games as I've ever been, if not more so. I'm particularly interested in storytelling in games, something that has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. I've recently graduated from a Masters course in Creative Writing and am also working on a Young Adult novel. Frankly, it's madness I hadn't married my passion for writing and video games sooner!"


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Austin Clark

"Helloooooooo internet! I'm Austin from the Midwestern lands of the USA and I've been playing videogames for as long as I can remember. I made a stuffed bear play Super Mario Bros. when I was like 3 or 4 and ever since, games have always been a huge part of my life. From being lost in A Link to the Past, to being captivated by Final Fantasy VII, to being completely shocked something like Journey exists, I've grown up with games, and they've grown up with me. The plan is to continue that path. However, when I don't have a controller glued to my hands, I'm usually writing about them, listening to and making (very bad) music, or dancing around like the goof I am. Life can be hard enough as it is, and I always try to combat that by having fun every chance I get."



Past Contributors

Alias: Rook
Name: Nick Capozzoli
Position: Reviewer

Alias: ladycroft142
Name: Anne-Marie Coyle
Position: Reviewer

Alias: Flux88
Name: Annie H
Position: Reviewer

Alias: SirDesmond
Name: Christian Sorrell
Position: Senior Reviewer

Alias: E_Murphy
Name: Eileen Murphy
Position: Reviewer

Alias: niceTCyou
Name: Tom C
Position: Reviewer

Alias: FeverDog
Name: Wilson Taylor
Position: Reviewer

Alias: KatanOmega
Name: Nathan Schmidt
Position: Reviewer

Alias: Spruchy
Name: Alex Spruch
Position: Reviewer

Alias: matski53
Name: Matthew Sawrey
Position: Reviewer

Alias: Agikamike
Name: Michael Weinberg
Position: Reviewer

Alias: TheLazyPerfectionist
Name: Ally Doig
Position: Reviewer

Alias: Jselesni
Name: Joshua Selesnick
Position: Reviewer

Alias: ValTine
Name: Tom M
Position: Reviewer

Alias: Gs_Edgeman
Name: James R
Position: Reviewer

Alias: Kain637
Name: Daniel A
Position: Reviewer

Alias: Cove
Name: Paul Yoder
Position: Reviewer

Alias: Gooster
Name: Gus L
Position: Reviewer

Alias: Vainya
Name: Tavainya S
Position: Previewer

Alias: Pill92
Name: Jay K
Position: Reviewer

Alias: Chandu
Name: Ravi C
Position: Reviewer
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