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Star Trek Online Beta Patched

Star Trek Online beta gets a huge pax, fixes a number of known issues and adds tons of new effects and feature; also removes the level cap.

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The extensive patch notes list includes details of all the changes, which include small additions such as more civilian costumes, improved loading screens and updated tribble descriptions. The bigger improvements are in there too; Klingons now unlock at level five instead of level six, missions tutorials have been revamped, and almost every mission in the game has received bug fixes.
There have also been several changes/fixes to PvP and the game environment, a significant number of tweaks made to skills and combat, and the UI. Characters and costumes have been given more options on creation, and Asian faces are now available when making a human character.

The main additions to the beta are:
  • Level Cap Removed
  • Cardassian and Romulan Sectors are now open for Federation Players
  • All bridge officer candidates offer a free basic customization option when they join your crew
  • You can now use the scan button on the MiniMap HUD to direct you towards the closest anomaly
  • Bridge Officers will now request transfer to your crew at various levels
  • Leonard Nimoy has provided an audio journal overview as you enter each new Sector Block 
The full game is scheduled to go live in early February.

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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online
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