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Tuesday July 23, 2024
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SimCity expansion pack coming next month

Cities of Tomorrow adds new technologies and experimental urban planning

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Electronic Arts has announced that the SimCity Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack is currently in development for Mac and PC and will be arriving November 12.

Cities of Tomorrow gives players the ability to transform their cities as they take them on a journey 50 years into the future. Using new technologies and experimental urban planning techniques, mayors will shape the destinies of their cities, thriving in a utopia of clean technologies, or a dystopia of hyper-commercialism.

For the first time in the history of the franchise, cities can be built vertically with enormous multi-zone MegaTowers that extend high into the sky. Education and research will help players discover new technologies that make their cities less polluted, less reliant on natural resources, managed day-to-day by service drones and fueled by green energy.

The SimCity base game is available now on Mac and PC and developed by Maxis. SimCity is cross-platform compatible, so all players play together across the same servers.

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