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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2
Platform: PC

STALKER series developer GSC reportedly closed

Developers of popular PC franchise shut their doors, say sources

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GSC has been shut down by owner Sergei Grigorovich, report various sources. The studio was previously responsible for the STALKER franchise and was in the process of developing STALKER 2.

After an
original report was spotted and translated this morning, various Twitter activity has brought some confusion to the fate of the studio. Now, however, it appears that the studio is indeed closed, as confirmed by local blogs and employees of the firm.

GSC was most famous for developing the STALKER franchise for PC, a first person shooter with RPG elements. STALKER 2 was said to be in development, for PC as well as consoles. Sources blame development costs and problems with local government regulations for ultimately causing this event.

The future of STALKER 2 remains unclear.

[Via RPS]
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