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Friday February 23, 2024
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Hackers steal data from Sony developer Insomniac Games

Personal files, game details, and future plans have been posted online

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Developer Insomniac Games have experienced a data breach, after hackers targeted the company and stole over 1 million files.

As reported by CyberDaily, a ransomware gang has released tons of internal data after the developers and parent company Sony did not pay them a requested US$2 million demand.

The files include extensive detail about the upcoming Wolverine game, with everything from screenshots to voice actor casting selections, and even the story.

The documents also have a wider scope, affecting other projects and Sony studios. There are mentions of an agreement between Marvel and Sony for three planned X-Men games, and future Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank games, with proposed plans leading all the way into year 2035.

Games aside, the breach also contains personal data and information about the developer's staff.

This major security breach follows a significant one for Rockstar Games and GTA 6 in 2022, when early gameplay and development information was posted online. Though that did not deter the publisher, who has moved on and now officially revealed the game earlier this month.

Elsewhere, earlier this year a less-intentional hiccup occurred when significant confidential files about Xbox future plans leaked from FTC case.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2


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