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EVE Online supports Iceland

CCP puts together a video for ‘Inspired by Iceland’ campaign

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CCP Games, maker of the popular sci-fi MMO EVE Online, has joined the likes of Viggo Mortensen and Yoko Ono to rally worldwide support for Iceland in the wake of the recent volcanic eruption, which dealt a significant blow to an already struggling economy.
‘Inspired by Iceland’ is an Internet campaign created by the Iceland government to boost the country’s image and has attracted the attention across the globe.
CCP, one of country’s largest employers, put together a video for the campaign.
It draws some interesting parallels between EVE Online and Iceland, like its perma-dark outer space backdrop, the similarity of EVE’s spaceships to the Vikings’ star-guided longboats, not to mention the volatile economies. 
EVE even has its own ‘Eyjafjallajokull’ volcano on one of its planets.

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