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Tuesday May 21, 2024
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Platform: PlayStation 3
Reviewed on PC

Developer unhappy with Alpha Protocol

Anonymous dev claims Alpha Protocol "should've been cancelled", but has hope for the future

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An alleged and anonymous Obsidian developer has blasted his company's latest RPG, Alpha Protocol, stating that the game 'should've been cancelled'.

Posting in the comments section of Joystiq's Alpha Protocol review (via
CVG), the anonymous Obsidian man - known only as 'a tired dev' - backs up the site's negative comments.
"I worked on this game (a fact of which I am not proud). I'm not here to defend it; I agree with all these reviews," the post reads.
"The Executive Producer for the game, Chris Parker, seemed to think he was the world's greatest designer ever, and created all these absolutely shitty systems and wouldn't listen to any of the real designers or devs about things that just didn't work.
And you can't exactly argue with one of the owners of the company when he doesn't want to listen. He basically took over the game and dictated exactly how everything would work.
Sega also was a factor, because they kept changing the design requirements (yes they had heavy influence there), which never gave the producers and designers time to actually decide on one set of features to make and polish."
The angry rant continues, with the illusive man admitting that the blame for the game's poor end form is mostly Obsidian's, because "the execution was absolutely terrible, and it was obvious 2 years ago that this game should have been scrapped." 

Mr. Tired Dev at least reckons he's happy about some of Obsidian's other current projects, New Vegas included, because they are "going pretty well."

He adds: "Their big unannounced project is looking great and is already much better than AP ever was, and that may end up being the game that everyone was looking for with AP."
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Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol
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Alpha Protocol
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PlayStation 3
Our Review of Alpha Protocol
Reviewed on PC
Game Ranking
Alpha Protocol (PC) is ranked #1331 out of 1979 total reviewed games. It is ranked #92 out of 105 games reviewed in 2010.
1330. Rage
1331. Alpha Protocol
1332. Silent Hill: Downpour
PlayStation 3
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Alpha Protocol
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