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Galactic Civilizations III launches in May

Space strategy game ready to leave Early Access

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Stardock has announced the May 14, 2015 launch of Galactic Civilizations III on PC.

As an absolute ruler in Galactic Civilizations III, the choices you make shape your empire as it inevitably enters into cultural, trade, diplomatic, ideological, and military conflicts with your neighbors. Every empire has multiple paths of victory to pursue. Forging an empire so culturally influential that rival worlds defect to your cause is perfectly viable, so long as you can keep their dropships from landing on your core worlds through literal defenses or soft-power diplomatic maneuvers.

Galactic Civilizations III offers players dozens of tools, from diplomatic treaties to resource exchanges, United Planets resolutions to the hundreds of research directions their scientists can pursue, and an effectively infinite number of ways to design and deploy starfleets. Every area of the game – planetary development, starbase construction, inter-faction negotiations, ideology, and much more – presents players with choices that shape their galaxy.

The game promises major improvements to the 4X franchise and the genre aside from its modern presentation and 64-bit engine. The game is said to be very mod-friendly, allowing ambitious modders to add an effectively unlimited amount of content from races to ships to entirely new technology and ideology branches or whatever else they think of. The in-game ship designer puts powerful tools in every player’s hands to create the starships of their dreams. Finally, Internet multiplayer makes its first appearance in the franchise, along with detailed leaderboards and metadata.

Galactic Civilizations III is available now on PC via Steam Early Access for $49.99, and will enter full release on May 14.

Galactic Civilizations III

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