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Thursday April 18, 2024
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Resident Evil: Revelations Review

An experience that's much closer to series' survival horror roots

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Revelations is not a difficult game, even though enemies can take a lot of punishment before going down, but combat is straightforward and controls simple. Checkpoints are frequent and well placed so you’re not forced to replay large sections should you find yourself out of your depth in a fight. However it’s managing your supplies efficiently that is key to success, so finding hidden items that grant you more supplies makes things a little easier. To pick up these extra items it’s necessary to scan the room using the Genesis, a special scanning tool. This device can be used to scan enemies too, which in return yields health rewards when enough data has been scanned. It initially feels like an intrusive chore as you’ll have to quickly get into the habit of performing a quick scan for items in every area, but becomes almost second nature as you progress. The extra supplies can be life saving, but the fact you must scan to locate items before you can pick them up feels rather gimmicky and unnecessary. Another new addition to the Resident Evil series is that characters can now swim, hardly a revolutionary new ability, but it does make sense for a game that is using the ocean as its main setting. What few swimming sections there are break up the gameplay nicely, as do the light puzzle elements used when unlocking certain doors. The weapon upgrade system has also been overhauled; players can carry up to three weapons that can be improved using customization kits found throughout the game. Any upgrades attached to weapons can be removed, which is great news for those adverse to commitment, and awards you the freedom to switch between loadouts without being penalized with inferior weaponry.

Resident Evil: Revelations

When playing Revelations it still very much feels like a handheld game, but there are some differences between the original release and its console cousin. Most notable of course are the graphics, which look amazing and, for the most part, are easily as impressive as those of Resident Evil 6. Some occasional sloppy textures serve as a stark reminder of the game’s beginnings, but they don’t deter form the experience in any way and it’s something the majority of players will barely notice. For those that don’t find the campaign challenging enough, Capcom have also added a new difficulty mode for the HD release. After completing the game Infernal Mode will be unlocked that not only ups the difficulty, but mixes up the locations of enemy types creating a much tougher experience. It’s a welcome addition, as aside from that there’s really no reason to replay the game unless you really need to see what’s behind a locked door you forgot to investigate the first time around.

While there’s little to entice you back to the campaign after the credits have rolled, as you progress through the game you unlock chapters in Raid Mode. This offers more of an arcade style gameplay, as you play through sections of the campaign levels. Players are scored on their performance and rewarded with points that are used to level up. Advancing in levels grants access to better weaponry and upgrades to further enhance your loadout. It’s an enjoyable addition, especially for those that prefer a more action orientated Resident Evil experience, and the progression system makes it quite addictive. The HD version also supports co-op play in Raid mode, which further adds to the enjoyment. This feature doesn’t support local play however, so if you want to buddy up to take on the infected horde you’ll have to do so online. It’s hardly likely to keep you coming back to Revelations for long but Raid mode does add more gameplay and challenge to the short and not overly difficult single player experience.

Resident Evil: Revelations

Revelations proves that a back to basics approach is what the series needs. Gone are the fancy control systems and constant over the top action, swapped for what feels much more like an old Resident Evil game revamped for a modern audience. While it never quite reaches the magnificence of its glory days, the dimly lit and confined corridors that make up most of Jill’s campaign provide a much more atmospheric experience than anything the series has recently produced. There’s a fine blend of action and suspense making Revelations a game that manages to provide a compelling modern experience but also stay true to its roots. It’s not perfect by any means, but is a step in the right direction for the series and the approach Capcom should take with every Resident Evil from now on.

Our ratings for Resident Evil: Revelations on PlayStation 3 out of 100 (Ratings FAQ)
Good graphics and solid voice acting, visually it stands up to the seriesí latest console offerings, except for a few low-res textures that highlight its origins as a handheld title.
Revelations proves less is more, the simpler controls, smaller levels and a smart weapon upgrade system make it enjoyable, but the uninspired enemies spoil the fun somewhat.
Single Player
Jillís playable sections provide the best experiences the game has to offer, with a more tense and atmospheric experience, but sadly one that never actually feels scary. The multiple character changes provide a nice diversity and allow for a more layered plot.
Raid Mode is much more compelling when played with another person, but the lack of local co-op is annoying. Also, the option to play the campaign entirely in co-op would have been welcome and made Revelations an essential purchase for those that have already experienced it on 3DS.
Frequent loading screens, some long loading times and the occasional frame rate issue show that this is a port that wasnít handled with enough care and attention.
Revelations manages to provide an experience thatís much closer to its survival horror roots. Itís still predominantly an action game, but thereís enough nostalgia and old-school design here to please long-term fans. Better enemies and more scares would have made it an essential purchase, but the intriguing story, interesting characters, solid controls and varied gameplay make it an enjoyable experience and one thatís tailored to suit all types of Resident Evil fans.
Resident Evil: Revelations
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PlayStation 3
Our Review of Resident Evil: Revelations
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Resident Evil: Revelations is ranked #918 out of 1970 total reviewed games. It is ranked #83 out of 160 games reviewed in 2013.
917. Lego Marvel Super Heroes
Xbox 360
918. Resident Evil: Revelations
919. Knytt Underground
PlayStation 3
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Resident Evil: Revelations
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