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Most Anticipated Games of 2020

We look ahead to the most exciting games of the new decade

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Once again we find ourselves at the start of a new year. 2020 is shaping up to be a good one for gaming and not just because the next round of consoles are due out later this year. Several big games were delayed into 2020 and some of those will be releasing just as the new consoles drop. It is an interesting time to be a gamer. New games will be pushing old tech to their limits and some will go on to demonstrate the power of the latest hardware. We have compiled a list of our most anticipated games for 2020 (sorted by name) and we can’t wait to see what other surprises the year has in store.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players embark on an ultra-exclusive Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package and enjoy a peaceful existence full of creativity, charm and the freedom to roll up their sleeves and make their new life whatever they want it to be.

When: March 20, 2020
Where: nintendo switch

Carrion game
Carrion is a reverse horror game in which you assume the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origin. Stalk and consume those that imprisoned you to spread fear and panic throughout the facility. Grow and evolve as you tear down this prison and acquire more and more devastating abilities on the path to retribution.

When: TBD 2020
Where: pc Xbox one

Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077
Players will be thrown into the dark future of the year 2077 and into a world where advanced technologies have become both the salvation and the curse of humanity. A multi-thread, nonlinear story designed for mature players will take place in the sprawling metropolis of Night City and its surroundings.

When: September 17, 2020
Where: pc Xbox one ps4

Doom Eternal
Doom Eternal
DOOM Eternal is the direct sequel to DOOM (2016). As the DOOM Slayer, you return to find Earth has suffered a demonic invasion. Raze Hell and discover the Slayer’s origins and his enduring mission to rip and tear.

When: March 20, 2020
Where: pc Xbox one ps4

Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2 brings to life a unique post-apocalyptic vision of the Modern Dark Ages - a bleak and unforgiving reality where you are as likely to perish at the hand of a human as you are by the infected.

When: TBD 2020
Where: pc Xbox one ps4

Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima
Venture beyond the battlefield to experience feudal Japan like never before. In this open-world action adventure, you’ll roam vast countrysides and expansive terrain to encounter rich characters, discover ancient landmarks, and uncover the hidden beauty of Tsushima. Find peace in the quiet moments of natural harmony and solace in the moments you’ll share with the people you help along the way.

When: TBD 2020
Where: ps4

The list continues on the next page!

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