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Heavy Rain Review

A unique and emotionally involving experience that should not be missed

Posted by (SpectralShock) on
Heavy Rain is a very interesting game. All of the developer interviews and previews hailed it for innovation and its amazing cinematic experience. But with so much hype and expectation from both fans and critics, did the latest from Quantic Dream manage to meet expectations? It is safe to say that is has, as the game offers a very unique and engrossing setting that you’ve not experienced before. From the interesting and original control display to the emotional drama that unfolds before you, Heavy Rain is an amazing journey from start until almost the very end. It does have shortcomings, as unfortunate as that is, but they are minor gripes with an experience that may greatly differ to your own due to the game’s fast selection of player choices and outcomes. Towards the end of the game everyone’s storylines must come together into one, and this does cause some problems with the story. It was undoubtedly difficult to create an experience with so many player decisions and yet make it all come together in the end. If you are looking for a very atmospheric story that plays out like a blockbuster thriller, or if you are simply a fan of Indigo Prophecy - the previous game from the developer – you should most definitely give Heavy Rain a playthrough.
The game focuses on creating an emotional connection to the characters
One of the main selling points of the game is the story and the cinematic experience. While other titles in recent years, such as Uncharted 2, proved that games are more than capable of creating gaming alternative to the loud summer blockbusters, there was still a gap in the games library for emotionally moving cinematic experience. With Heavy Rain, this void is now filled. Indeed, right from the outset, the game puts you in control of four different characters that go about their lives as usual, until a string of events begins to unravel and eventually bring them all together somehow. The game starts off with the player performing very mundane tasks such as brushing a character’s teeth, preparing breakfast or playing with his kids. Not only do these introductory levels setup the main characters and the story to come, they also act as a seamless tutorial for the game. The main protagonist of the story is Ethan Mars, a happy married man who witnesses and feels responsible for the death of one of his children. Two years later, he is a broken man barely keeping his life together while spending whatever time he can with his last son. Soon, events occur and his son is kidnapped by the mysterious Origami Killer, a serial murderer who has been kidnapping kids and drowning them in rain water five days later. And such begins the desperate struggle of our main character to find his son, while following mysterious instructions that require him to perform many horrific challenges. Meanwhile, a private detective Scott Shelby begins his own investigations into the killings, as requested by the families of the kids; the police bring in an FBI profiler Norman Jayden; and a photojournalist Madison Page also begins her investigations.

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#4 Mar 7, 2010 15:39:24 (Mar 7, 2010 15:39)

Haha, this game was one of the main reasons I invested in a PS3 a few months ago.
#3 Mar 4, 2010 12:23:37 (Mar 4, 2010 12:23)

Games like this make me wish I had a PS3...
#2 Mar 3, 2010 00:30:24 (Mar 3, 2010 00:30)

I think it might definately run away with a few category awards at least
#1 Mar 1, 2010 11:44:44 (Mar 1, 2010 11:44)

I think this may be my Game of the Year. I know it's early, but it just might be.
Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer
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PlayStation 3
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Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer is ranked #19 out of 1,127 total reviewed games.
19. Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer
20. Witcher
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Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer
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