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DiRT 2 Review

Visual splendor and superb driving mechanics feature in this slightly flawed but very enjoyable racer.

Posted by Ben Thomas (nutcrackr) on Dec 21, 2009 - 4:03am EST (Dec 21, 2009 04:03)

The game uses Games for Windows Live, so it has matchmaking and all the achievements to go with the system. The process of getting into a game is as simple as you expect from matchmaking, but you can easily filter settings such as race type and vehicle damage if you desire. There aren’t a huge number of people online so you won’t be able to go too specific, but you don’t need a high number of players to start a match and players will continue to join.
There is text chat support which is hidden away so you won’t be spammed with abuse unless you open the chat window. Sadly you can’t chat with your other competitors while some guys load into the track. You level up in multiplayer just as you do in single player and you will get quite a few points even if you come near the last. Multiplayer feels very much like the single player only without the flashbacks and obviously the human opponents.

Eat my DiRT.
DiRT 2 presents an almost flawless driving mechanic combined with some amazing visual design that is a leader among all genres, not just racing games. Although there aren’t a huge number of tracks, especially if you prefer to drive only rally tracks, they all still look fantastic. Rally purists may bemoan the exclusion of Citreon and customisation junkies might lament the lack of teams or a painting system. However this racing game is great even with these somewhat glaring omissions. The act of pulling off a good corner by sliding around and maintaining control at high speed keeps you going on for more. The single player pacing is fast and keeps you gaining levels very rapidly. At times it can be a little annoying and repetitive but it really only highlights how good the rest of the driving and visual experience is. 

 Our Ratings out of 100 for DiRT 2
Game looks fantastic in DirectX 11, great effects, nice looking vehicles and damage effects, good water splashes and smooth interface. Audio and music works well too.
Driving is fantastic, great traction control and sense of speed, good AI drivers who seem quite cautious.
Single Player
Although a little repetitive the level up system and different types of racing holds up, shame about the annoying drivers.
Racing against humans instead of AI drivers, very similar to the single player, some presentation issues and some long waits but overall good.
Performance - Show Review PC Specifications
Runs very well on PC, almost flawlessly at times. Has full 360 controller support.
DiRT 2 offers a fantastic visual package, amazing driving mechanics, slick single player and competitive multiplayer with only some minor complaints.
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#3 Dec 22, 2009 11:54:55 (Dec 22, 2009 11:54)

 I loved the demo.
#2 Dec 22, 2009 01:29:10 (Dec 22, 2009 01:29)

My problem is that I keep crashing almost every 2nd or 3rd time I play =[
But its fun!
#1 Dec 21, 2009 16:23:13 (Dec 21, 2009 16:23)

 Good review - I love the emphasis on Driving in this game, i'm not a mechanic and don't care about buying a new drive shaft which will increase the gear change speed. My only problem with the game is that the 'Rookie' and 'Pro' levels go by a bit to quickly. 
DiRT 2
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"Visual splendor and superb driving mechanics feature in this slightly flawed but very enjoyable racer."
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