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Platform: Xbox 360
Reviewed on PC

Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC released

New maps, vehicles, gadgets available for Premium members

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EA and Dice have announced the release of Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC.

China Rising is based on the premise that China is returning as a superpower in Battlefield 4; a concept found in all Battlefield 4 multiplayer expansions in one way or another. You’ll be fighting on the Chinese mainland with the help of both new military hardware and your team mates.

The DLC adds four new maps, each with its own unique design and gameplay possibilities. China Rising also adds a new game mode to Battlefield 4 called Air Superiority. Here, you fight for control points on the map, using air units only, like in Battlefield 3 End Game.

China Rising features a new bomber, capable of delivering immense damage to ground units. Capturing a specific control point makes the bomber spawn in a nearby building. The bomber is equipped with powerful bombs that can be dropped on a map location of your choice, and you can use four of these before having to reload. It can also be equipped with cruise missiles, that can be unlocked through a new Assignment. The dirt bike also returns from Battlefield 3 End Game.

Lastly, there are two new gadgets in China Rising, the SUAV and UCAV. The SUAV (Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a Recon exclusive and is basically a remote-controlled plane that you can pilot around the map to spot or kill enemies. The UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) is a new item for the Support class and can be described as a pocket TOW missile. After deployment, this can be guided like a missile and is very effective against vehicles. If you complete one of the new Assignments in China Rising, there is an unlock for the UCAV that makes it explode in mid-air, making it more effective against infantry.

The China Rising DLC is exclusive to Battlefield 4: Premium members for two weeks. It's also available for free to those who pre-ordered Battlefield 4.

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