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Platform: PC

EverQuest Next revealed

Next generation MMO will be free to play, heavy on user created content

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Sony Online Entertainment has announced EverQuest Next, a free to play, next-generation sandbox MMO built on the ForgeLight Engine.

EverQuest Next promises to be a reimagining of the EverQuest Franchise. Everything in EverQuest Next can be destroyed. Destroy the ground beneath your enemy's feet — or crush him under an avalanche you created. The land of Norrath changes every day, based on the actions of all players. Cities rise and fall, kings live and die, even the gods may change.

Character classes are streamlined and designed to be mixed. Want to be a teleporting rogue or a backstabbing barbarian? The choice is yours.

EverQuest Next is being created with an open development process. The first stage of this process is Round Table, where players can weigh in on the issues the development team is discussing. The second stage is EverQuest Next Landmark, where players can make objects and buildings that may be featured in EverQuest Next.

EverQuest Next's launch date will be determined as the developers work through this process together with fans. The MMO will be free to play, and support in-game marketplace purchases.

EverQuest Next will be released for PC.

EverQuest Next Screenshot

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EverQuest Next
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