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Tuesday July 23, 2024
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Platform: PC

Doom 3 source code to be released

Developers id software continue their legacy of releasing the code for their past titles

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id Software has revealed that the source code for Doom 3, a popular shooter from back in 2004, is quickly approaching public release.

John Carmack, the head of the development studio,
tweeted: "doom 3 source is packaged and tested, we are waiting on final lawyer clearance for release."

This release would mark the continuing legacy of the studio to release the code for many of their previous games, to be used by the general public. Source code would allow users to fully edit the game's files, from creating whole new experiences to just patching the bugs that may still exist.

The latest title from id Software is RAGE, which is in stores now for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

[Via Blues News]

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