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Wednesday June 19, 2024
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The first ever WoW FanCon a success

Organizers claim over 3000 fans attended the two day event

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The first World of Warcraft FanCon, an online convetion that took place entirely in a virtual world provided by UtherConvetion, has been claimed as a success with over 3000 fans in attendance.

WoW FanCon was a 2-day event that brought together WoW enthusiasts from around the world. The organizers UtherConvention operate on the platform, which is a 3D Virtual World that has been in existence since 2006. Thanks to this technology, the organizers say that over 3000 fans attended the virtual event over its duration.

There were 5 featured speakers, who each drew over 1,000 attendees to their talks. Roberto Garcia, aka Towelliee, a well-known WoW player drew thousands of people to his virtual Q&A session, with a thousand more watching the stream online. Jeff Lewis, who plays Vork on The Guild was also a speaker at the event.

It's been also noted that fans spent 190,000 Rays (UtherConvetion's virtual currency) during the event. Organizers also had draws every hour for various prizes such as WoW Game Time cards and $150 credit at the Blizzard online store.

The registration to attend WoW FanCon was free.
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