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Sunday December 10, 2023
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Counter-Strike 2 released

The new multiplayer shooter replaces CS: GO

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Valve has announced that Counter-Strike 2 is now live.

CS2 is a free upgrade and a replacement of CS:GO, on Valve's Source 2 engine. Built on the Source 2 engine, Counter-Strike 2 is modernized with realistic physically-based rendering, state of the art networking, and upgraded Community Workshop tools.

The game includes new CS Ratings with the updated Premier mode, Global and Regional leaderboards, upgraded and overhauled maps, dynamic smoke grenades, redesigned visual effects and audio, and more. All player items from CS:GO moving forward to CS2.

Counter-Strike 2 is available on PC via Steam.

Counter-Strike 2

Game Screens
Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2
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Counter-Strike 2
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Counter-Strike 2
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