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Bleeding Edge announced

A new multiplayer game from creators of Hellblade

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Ninja Theory have announced their new game – Bleeding Edge – a 4v4 team fighter that combines 3rd person action combat with online team multiplayer.

Each fighter in Bleeding Edge is unique, but roughly fits into an Assassin, Support or Heavy archetype. There’s a mix of ranged and melee combat styles, and each character has an expressive kit of moves for players to explore and master.

The game also features environmental hazards that are unique in every map. Players can yank opponents into an electric fence, charge them into the path of an oncoming train, or trap them in a raging fire pit.

Players are also able to create unique loadouts for each fighter via cybernetic mods. All mods are earnable through gameplay and allow players to tweak builds to suit their playstyle, counter enemies, or capitalize on the team’s composition.

Fans interested in checking out the game can sign up for a technical alpha is kicking off on June 27. Bleeding Edge will be released on PC and Xbox One.

Bleeding Edge game

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Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge
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Bleeding Edge
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