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 Game  Genre Release
 PC  Shooter 2020-07-16
Superhot: Mind Control Delete
Superhot Mind Control Delete is a standalone expansion set in the SUPERHOT universe. It’s designed as a roguelike twist on the linear nature of the original SUPERHOT. The game will [...]

Publisher: SUPERHOT Team
Developer: SUPERHOT Team
Rating: 80%
 PC  Strategy 2007-02-20
Supreme Commander
In the 37th Century, you are the Supreme Commanderof three races, with a single goal in mind—to end the 1000 year Infinite War and become the reigning power supreme. For a thousand [...]

Publisher: THQ
Developer: Gas Powered Games
Rating: 80%
 PC  Strategy 2010-03-02
Supreme Commander 2
Set 25 years after the events of the original game, Supreme Commander 2 begins with the assassination of the newly elected president of the Colonial Defense Coalition. The CDC members &nd [...]

Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Gas Powered Games
Rating: 72%
 PC  Strategy 2018-03-15
Surviving Mars
In Surviving Mars, players will lead a colonization effort on the surface of Mars, from the very first rovers and supply drops to the construction of suitable habitats for brave settlers [...]

Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Haemimont Games
Rating: 65%
 PC  Adventure 2020-12-04
As President Rayne, lead Sordland into ruin or repair during your first term in this text-based role-playing game. Navigate a political drama driven by conversations with your cabinet mem [...]

Publisher: Fellow Traveller
Developer: Torpor Games
Rating: 76%
 PC  Adventure 393 days
Svoboda 1945
The new game Svoboda 1945 is a historically accurate game which deals with the violent events that occurred in the wake of the Nazi retreat at the end of World War II, such as the expulsi [...]

Publisher: Charles Games
Developer: Charles Games
 PC  Arcade 2012-08-09
Symphony is a music shoot-em-up video game. The game is played by manipulating a ship and firing on enemy ships, earning points and collecting power-ups that are dropped by the ships. The [...]

Publisher: Empty Clip Studios
Developer: Empty Clip Studios
Rating: 71%
 PC  Shooter 2012-02-21
In the not too distant future, the world is divided into regions controlled by mega-corporations known as Syndicates. In this future, business is war, and you are the weapon: the latest p [...]

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Starbreeze Studios
Rating: 74%
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Halo Infinite PC
December 8, 2021

Dying Light 2 PC
February 4, 2022

Elden Ring PC
February 25, 2022

Rainbow Six Extraction PC
January 20, 2022

Weird West PC
January 11, 2022

Total War: Warhammer III PC
February 17, 2022

Sifu PC
February 8, 2022

Elex 2 PC
March 1, 2022

Monster Hunter Rise PC
January 12, 2022

Gear Club Unlimited 2 PC
December 14, 2021


Coming Soon
5 days
1. Halo Infinite
11 days
2. Gear Club Unlimited 2
39 days
3. Weird West
40 days
4. Monster Hunter Rise
42 days
5. God of War
48 days
6. Rainbow Six Extraction
63 days
7. Dying Light 2
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Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Developer: Playground Games
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Platform: Switch
5. Psychonauts 2
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