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Sam Gowing (samgowing)

Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York Review

Not enough to sink your teeth into
Alex V (SpectralShock)

The Touryst Review

Nothing but sunshine
Stephen LaGioia (MetalliCube)

Draw Chilly Review

A thrilling action-brawler that continues to elevate in enjoyment
Eric Hall (erhall1126)

Blacksad: Under the Skin Review

Dangerous Dames and Missing Frames
Sam Gowing (samgowing)

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Review

More like an interactive book than a video game
Tim Reid (with_teeth26)

Darksiders Genesis Review

No need for Fury
Andrew Calise (AgitProp)

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Review

Conquering intergalactic battlefields at the head of your own mech mercenary company
Alex V (SpectralShock)

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Review

A solid stealth shooter that benefits from adjusting its scope
Peter Ingham (Nechrol)

Shenmue 3 Review

Stuck in the past, for better or worse
Ben Thomas (nutcrackr)

Life is Strange 2 Review

A disconnected brotherly bond that goes south
Josh Hinke (joshywa)

Arise: A Simple Story Review

The narrative adventure loses its footing
Stephen LaGioia (MetalliCube)

Cerberus: Orbital Watch Review

As lifeless as its outer space setting, with only tiny flairs of excitement
Alex V (SpectralShock)

WRC 8 Review

Choose an alternate route
Josh Hinke (joshywa)

Pokemon Sword and Shield Review

Treading familiar grounds
Eric Hall (erhall1126)

Strange Telephone Review

Dial M For Mysterious
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