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Alex V (SpectralShock)

InnerSpace Review

Hitting the ceiling
Peter Glagowski (KingSigy)

Pinball FX 3 Review

A great update to a well renowned series
Stephen LaGioia (MetalliCube)

Xenoraid Review

A fairly routine raid with an enjoyable twist
Stephen LaGioia (MetalliCube)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review

A majestic journey tinged with a few weird quirks that are distinctly Xenoblade
Tim Reid (with_teeth26)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Review

Not just a flash in the bulletproof pan
Josh Hinke (joshywa)

Seven: The Days Long Gone Review

A unique viewpoint can't save the game from its various missteps
Ben Thomas (nutcrackr)

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Review

A friendship strong enough to overcome most of its problems
Alex V (SpectralShock)

Finding Paradise Review

A great adventure sequel that stands on its own
David Will (Quill)

Serial Cleaner Review

Sweep it back under the rug
Eric Hall (erhall1126)

Hello Neighbor Review

Breaking and entering has never been more annoying
Charlie Nicholson (Wolfcosm)

Attentat 1942 Review

A truly respectful account of historical experience
Peter Glagowski (KingSigy)

SiNKR Review

Hook, line and...
Josh Hinke (joshywa)

Black Mirror Review

Technical and design issues drain this horror title of any enjoyment
Alex V (SpectralShock)

Reigns: Her Majesty Review

The Queen is dead, may she reign again
Stephen LaGioia (MetalliCube)

Sonic Forces Review

Short bursts of fun, but far from a sonic boom
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Latest Comments
Frantics Review
Mar 22, 2018 by fvxc
1. the review acknowledges that you can turn off...
Frantics Review
Mar 21, 2018 by LionBar
1 - You can turn off the tutorials from the settings...
Epic Games giving away Paragon assets
Mar 20, 2018 by fvxc
good guy Epic making so much fortnite money they don't...
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Review
Mar 19, 2018 by Sasha Kozak
Nice review man
Progression changes coming to Star Wars...
Mar 17, 2018 by Jocko Johnson
It's still gonna be the same crap game as when it...
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