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Eric Hall (erhall1126)

Project Warlock Review

Unapologetically old fashioned
Alex V (SpectralShock)

West of Dead Review

Gunslinging in the dark
Ben Thomas (nutcrackr)

Desperados III Review

Clearing the bayou, with a revolver or voodoo
Alex V (SpectralShock)

Disintegration Review

A collaboration that doesn't work out
Stephen LaGioia (MetalliCube)

Star Horizon Review

A trip into the celestial void that mostly fails to hit its mark
Josh Hinke (joshywa)

Beyond Blue Review

A wonderful underwater adventure
Alex V (SpectralShock)

The Last of Us Part II Review

Solid gameplay holds up a less enjoyable narrative
Eric Hall (erhall1126)

Shantae and the Seven Sirens Review

Trouble in Paradise
Josh Hinke (joshywa)

Super Mega Baseball 3 Review

The sports title that puts gameplay above all else
Alex V (SpectralShock)

Minecraft Dungeons Review

A competent but unambitious spinoff
Alex V (SpectralShock)

Maneater Review

Shark facts and mayhem
Alex V (SpectralShock)

Deep Rock Galactic Review

In search of buried treasure
Eric Hall (erhall1126)

Huntdown Review

A vicious take on a classic genre
Stephen LaGioia (MetalliCube)

Change: A Homeless Survival Experience Review

An emotionally gripping journey through the streets
Ben Thomas (nutcrackr)

Someday You'll Return Review

A long clunky hike in the woods that is not worth your while
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Latest Comments
Halo Infinite delayed to 2021
Aug 12, 2020 by dapperr
It's a big move, but I guess they would rather take this...
Halo Infinite delayed to 2021
Aug 11, 2020 by fvxc
pretty huge hit to the series X launch
Creaks Review
Aug 10, 2020 by JamesJay
always love the art style of these games
More Bethesda games coming to next gen consoles
Aug 6, 2020 by fvxc
glad so many are adopting the free upgrade model. It was...
Paper Mario: The Origami King Review
Aug 1, 2020 by kxcv
It's ok to change up the genre with new entries - like...
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