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Monday March 4, 2024
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PlayStation 4 Reviews
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Yasmine Hubbard (yas_hubs)

Panic Porcupine Review

In a state of panic
Yasmine Hubbard (yas_hubs)

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Review

An asymmetric multiplayer title that falls flat in execution
Yasmine Hubbard (yas_hubs)

Digimon Survive Review

A dark summer holiday
Eric Hall (erhall1126)

Reverie Knights Tactics Review

A tale not completely fulfilled
Daniel Nichols (DanielRJNichols)

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Review

Ace Attorney goes Victorian
Eric Hall (erhall1126)

Scarlet Nexus Review

Learning to fight with your head
Dylan Blereau (GrumpyGoron)

Song of Horror Review

Half-baked horror
Alex V (SpectralShock)

Biomutant Review

A mishmash of too many ideas, inadequately executed
Eric Hall (erhall1126)

Cozy Grove Review

Building a better world
Alex V (SpectralShock)

Lost Words: Beyond the Page Review

Ineffectively pulling at heartstrings
Eric Hall (erhall1126)

Maquette Review

Shifting perspectives
Eric Hall (erhall1126)

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood Review

In need of a Silver Bullet
Daniel Nichols (DanielRJNichols)

Helheim Hassle Review

On the Highway to Helheim
Dylan Blereau (GrumpyGoron)

Cyber Shadow Review

Cybernetic Ninja Action
Alex V (SpectralShock)

Fuser Review

No peripherals required
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A few unique mechanics aren't enough to elevate this stealth-action title
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Latest Comments
Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown - The Explorer...
Mar 4, 2024 by JamesJay
It will be difficult to stand out from the Forza Horizon...
Ultros Review
Mar 2, 2024 by fxvc
really dig the art syle
World of Goo 2 out in May
Feb 22, 2024 by Meer
Surprised it took this long, seems like straightforward...
Xbox plans to bring some exclusives to other...
Feb 16, 2024 by Meer
So console hardware is still planned, after the ETC leak....
Xbox plans to bring some exclusives to other...
Feb 16, 2024 by JamesJay
Bold move, we'll see how it plays out
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