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Wednesday February 21, 2024
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Ben Thomas (nutcrackr)

End of Modern Warfare 2 PC? (Blog)

Are the lack of dedicated servers for COD: MW 2 going to spell the end for the PC game? Red Faction and Resident Evil reviews. Uncharted 2 is currently underway!
Ben Thomas (nutcrackr)

Carols by Torchlight (Blog)

Christmas in October, Torchlight, Batman, Red Faction and some more Uncharted.
Ben Thomas (nutcrackr)

PS3 Week 1 + Sep Games (Blog)

One week with the PS3 and some good upcoming games.
Ben Thomas (nutcrackr)

Blazkowicz Triple 200 (Blog)

Wolfenstein chatter, and talk about an upcoming purchase.
Ben Thomas (nutcrackr)

Trine Magic (Blog)

Trine is an amazing game, section 8 mp beta and wolfenstein is just around the corner.
Ben Thomas (nutcrackr) Other

Something old, something new ngn v2.0 (Blog)

(NGN_Staff) Other

New Game Network v2.0

We are proud to announce the opening of a new chapter in the history of New Game Network, a transition to a new website.
Alex V (SpectralShock) Other

E3 2009 - Day 2 - Conference Reviews

Day 2 of E3 Press Conferences, and our reaction!
Alex V (SpectralShock) Other

E3 2009 - Day 1 - Conference Reviews

Gut reactions to Day 1 action at E3
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Latest Comments
Xbox plans to bring some exclusives to other...
Feb 16, 2024 by Meer
So console hardware is still planned, after the ETC leak....
Xbox plans to bring some exclusives to other...
Feb 16, 2024 by JamesJay
Bold move, we'll see how it plays out
Most Anticipated Games of 2024 - Page 2
Jan 31, 2024 by JamesJay
i am hoping that there will be more games announced later...
Tekken 8 released
Jan 30, 2024 by fxvc
continues to be a great fighting series, even though MK...
Indiana Jones and the Great Circle announced
Jan 19, 2024 by JamesJay
could be good, but tough to follow on the uncharted...
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