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Homefront Review

Whilst it certainly won't be pinning an array awards to its chest, if it learns from its mistakes, Homefront an IP with a decent chance of survival.

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The usual rank based unlockables are here: perks, attachments, camouflage, weapon upgrades etc, but what makes Homefront’s multiplayer stand out is the introduction of Battle Points. BP are essentially currency that you earn during combat for killing opponents or completing certain challenges. They can’t be used outside of the war zone, so it’s up to you spend them on various attributes that could affect the course of battle as you play. Spend them on a cheap RPG to take out an enemy tank, or save up for an attack chopper by which time the game may well be out of your reach?
BPs mean players will employ a slightly more cognitive approach than mindless running and gunning, and will most effectively be spent with the team’s best interests at heart. But - and there’s always a but - a lack of variety in game modes does somewhat hinder multiplayer’s longevity. There are only two core game modes: Ground Control and Team Deathmatch, which are both fairly self explanatory to anyone familiar with online shooters. Beyond that, the Battle Commander mode assigns an AI commander to both teams, gives each special objectives, and places bounties on certain player’s heads.
Although this adds a new slant to team based combat, Battle Commander only operates in conjunction with TDM or Ground Control, meaning that that same old F word - familiarity, crops up once again. But considering how mediocre the campaign is, multiplayer does actually have much to commend. The real problem is that with competition such as Black Ops and BFBC2 to contend with, it may well be fighting a losing battle.
But the war isn’t over. Homefront has a lot of improving to do, but there’s certainly hope for it yet. As a new IP it isn’t completely dead in the water after one installment, and if it can capitalize on its merits, the future may look a great deal brighter than it does now. Not dire, but disappointing - Homefront has learned that frontline soldiering is a tough job. However, it’s just about survived its first taste of action and will live to fight another day.

Our ratings for Homefront on PC out of 100 (Ratings FAQ)
Very rough around the edges. There are many more aesthetically pleasing shooters out there. It tries too hard to be an emotive game, but with generic characters and a faceless lead it very rarely has the desired effect. Undeniable potential not realized.
If you’ve played Call of Duty it will feel very familiar, albeit without the same penchant for thrilling set pieces that COD pulls off so well. Homefront plays it very safe, but feels stagnated as a result. It’s not awful, but is nothing to get excited about.
Single Player
Clichéd and woefully short even on the hardest setting. The last two missions up the ante and are exciting, but can’t save what is a largely forgettable campaign.
Goes a way to being Homefront’s saving grace. Large scale warfare often gives it the epic feel of battle that the campaign predominantly lacks. Battle Points are a great inclusion and promote a degree of tactical foresight. More game modes would have been welcomed.
Multiplayer handles well considering that amount that is often going on. Overall though, Homefront is graphically substandard. The various included PC specific features such as FOV are outweighed by poor optimization and unsteady framerate.
As a new IP, Homefront plays it very safe and as a result is a pretty drab affair. There’s certainly potential here. With better characterization and a longer, more memorable campaign, Homefront could have been so much more. Multiplayer just about saves it, but in an online world ruled by COD and Battlefield it may struggle to stay afloat. If developers learn from their mistakes and affirm Homefront’s own identity, we may well see a change in fortunes in the future.
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Homefront is ranked #849 out of 1418 total reviewed games. It is ranked #99 out of 113 games reviewed in 2011.
849. Homefront
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