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Platform: Xbox 360

Limbo Review

Limbo is a good game that stands out from the ever-growing crowd of Xbox Live Arcade games

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Kicking off Xbox Live Arcade’s third annual Games of Summer promotion is Limbo, a gothic puzzle platformer in the vein of Braid and Flower. It is no surprise that this game made the cut for Microsoft’s promotion. Right from the main menu, it’s easy to see that Limbo is unlike anything you’ve played before.

Limbo Xbox 360 Game

Waking up in a dimly lit forest, a boy, the central character of Limbo, awakens quiet and alone. Moving (mostly) in the traditional left-to-right style we have come to expect from platformers, the boy traverses forests, swamps, and dank, rainy cityscapes in search of something unknown to the players but perhaps not to the boy. Other children are seen at several points throughout the game, sometimes fearful of the boy and sometimes assaulting the boy head on. It’s hard not to have your mind wander to Lord of the Flies while playing this game. It’s a dark and vicious world populated with children and beasts alone. The game’s description tells us the boy is searching for his sister, but this is not made immediately apparent by anything in-game.

Simple box pushing and pulling evolves across several hours of gameplay into anti-gravity, spinning saw blades, and magnetism. Even fluid dynamics and lighting make their way into the puzzles at one point or another throughout the game. Where similar titles like Braid tend to deal primarily with a singular puzzle mechanic like time or physics, Limbo treads the territory of multiple puzzle games, never straying too long in one area so as to frustrate and bore the player.

Limbo Xbox 360 Game

Due to a rather unfortunate error in menu navigation on my part, I started a new game save over my old save when I was very close to completing the game. Replaying through the game’s first three quarters, what had originally taken somewhere near or over 4 hours of total playtime took well under 2. Like most puzzle platformers (unfortunately), Limbo has little to no replay value. The second time around, the game was a cake walk that failed to retain any shred of its former atmosphere. It simply became about going through the motions. This is partially a nature of the genre Limbo finds itself in, but also a problem with the game in that many of the sections of the game simply aren’t that visually exciting or fun to run through a second time.

Ultimately, Limbo is a good game that stands out from the ever-growing crowd of Xbox Live Arcade games. The puzzles are difficult and diverse enough to keep most players attentive and entertained. The world is strange and eerie enough to keep most players exploring and on edge. The achievements and controls are ambiguous and precise enough, respectively, to feed the desire of speed-runners and perfections across the board. Unfortunately, the tiny hints at a greater story remain mostly ignored until the end, leaving the dramatic and interesting final moments of the game far weaker than they could have been with a few more “cinematic” moments sprinkled through the game.

Limbo Xbox 360 Game

If you were a fan of the puzzle solving of Braid or the atmosphere and exploration of Flower, Limbo will certainly not disappoint. Priced at 1200 Microsoft points, it’s on the high side for downloadable titles so players with less of an allegiance to puzzle games may want to try before they buy.

Our ratings for Limbo on Xbox 360 out of 100 (Ratings FAQ)
The monochromatic visuals create an eerie atmosphere when paired with beautiful lighting effects. Unfortunately, the lack of music is a missed opportunity.
The solid puzzles are varied and dynamic enough to keep you on your toes and entertained throughout the first play through.
Single Player
The mystery of this world is alluring, but unfortunately, a true story never emerges making the game�s big reveal fizzle a bit.
With smooth frame rate and perfect and simple controls, Limbo performs like a dream with nary a glitch in sight.
Limbo is a solid puzzler with a lot of atmosphere and visual style to boot, but a more developed story and a true soundtrack could have taken this game over the top.
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#8 Aug 2, 2010 14:56:48 (Aug 2, 2010 14:56)

I haven't had any problems with my Xbox or Windows 7
#7 Aug 2, 2010 14:36:59 (Aug 2, 2010 14:36)

I don't think any of us mind whether you buy or game or not. Everyone has their personal reasons for everything. I've never been shafted by Microsoft so they have earned my trust, same with Steam, but then again, Valve isn't making game consoles, operating systems, mp3 players, and all the other places Microsoft can go wrong for people.
#6 Aug 2, 2010 11:41:35 (Aug 2, 2010 11:41)

microsoft sold me a console and it broke through no fault of my own about one month past the warranty coverage, they told me it would be 100 dollars to send it in for repare, when a new 360 arcade on ebay or other online outlets was 150, that is just plane wrong.
Charging me 50 dollars to play a game I payed 60 dollars for to its full potential.
Selling me Windows vista 64 bit, on the box proclaiming it supported up to 128 gb of ram or some ridiculous number, in reality vista 64 bit didn't support above 4 for the first year, I had to keep my extra 2 gb unplugged till the patch, no refund on consolation when contacted, requested.
Shall I continue.
Steam at worst goes offline and I loose community features and MP(in certain games), ok its a free service, I pop it into offline mode and can enjoy the majority of my content until 15 minutes later when the servers are back up.  well worth the savings in sales, and all around better customer relationship with that service and valve.
Steam hasn't wronged me as a consumer up to this point, and neither has valve.(unless you consider L4D2 a disservice, or the delay of episode 3)
Microsoft has done that ten times over.  I use their products because I have to not because I have as much of a choice.  Everytime I give them the benefit of the doubt I get slapped in the face.
#5 Jul 30, 2010 16:06:45 (Jul 30, 2010 16:06)

A truly fantastic game!  Kept me up all night playing until I reached the end.  It's one of those truly unique titles that only come around every once and a while.
#4 Jul 21, 2010 12:45:16 (Jul 21, 2010 12:45)

Microsoft earned my trust by allowing me to redownload a title as many times as I like on multiple Xboxs as long as I am logged in with my XBL account. I can go to my brother's and play my arcade games with him on his xbox after a quick download.
#3 Jul 21, 2010 11:44:21 (Jul 21, 2010 11:44)

There are currently no plans for PS3/PC port of the game.
Failed to earn your trust? You just seem to be paranoid now kami...
#2 Jul 21, 2010 10:06:22 (Jul 21, 2010 10:06)

wait is this coming to PC?
I don't really want to purchases Downloadable games if they aren't on steam.
Simply put I don't trust Sony or Microsoft.  Neither have done anything to earn my trust in the DLC/Digital Distribution space up to this point.
#1 Jul 20, 2010 20:56:45 (Jul 20, 2010 20:56)

Definately consider getting this. Given how much I loved flower... this is totally opposite but still cool art style
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Xbox 360
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