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Galactic Civilizations III Beta update adds features

Diplomacy and a new playable race now live

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Stardock has released the first major content update for the Galactic Civilizations III beta.

Diplomacy provides players the opportunity to find common ground with rivals or enforce a United Planets embargo, providing further depth to gameplay. Trading is also included in today’s patch.

Another faction joins the race to dominate the galaxy today as well. The Krynn are a conglomeration of species whose government is comfortably in the pocket of organized crime, and who enjoy healthy boosts in spreading their “protective” influence around the galaxy as well as a leg up in keeping their own populace content – or at least well-behaved.

The beta is currently available for $44.99 as part of Steam Early Access. Galactic Civilizations III, available only for 64-bit Windows PCs.

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