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Galactic Civilizations III enters Beta

Space 4X strategy game now on Steam Early Access

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The third game in the space strategy franchise, Galactic Civilizations III, is now in beta and available on Steam Early Access for $44.99, five dollars off its regular $49.99 price.

Galactic Civilizations III, available only for 64-bit Windows PCs, puts players in charge of one of several fantastical sci-fi races about to begin interstellar colonization. Players will focus on spreading their empire throughout the galaxy, unlocking the secrets of creation through radical scientific research, and building massive fleets of starships.

The Galactic Civilizations III beta benefits from feedback from Elite Founders during the game’s alpha period. The ship designer has undergone significant usability improvements, and the community has created the first of many designs with it. Shipyards have moved off-planet, so multiple colonies can pool their resources to construct vast armadas in deep space. Race-specific technology trees make each playthrough unique.

Diplomacy, a new take on starship combat, trade, and much more are slated to come online in the coming months – but you can play full sandbox games and compete with your friends over Internet multiplayer right away.

Galactic Civilizations III is planned for full release in 2015.

Galactic Civilizations III

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Galactic Civilizations III
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