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Platform: PC

Wealth of Nations expansion for EU IV released

Trade focused expansion for grand strategy game now available

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Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio today launched Wealth of Nations, the second expansion to the empire-building strategy title Europa Universalis IV.

Wealth of Nations takes the gameplay into the rough seas of trading where players can now forge their own trade empires and amass large amounts of wealth by legitimate means, such as creating powerful trade capitals and treating with other nations to gain trade power over a region. Or by more lucrative methods like hiring privateers to rob your rivals unload stored goods from their ships to your own.

Simultaneously Paradox Development Studio has also released the customary free patch containing updates, fixes and new features for everyone who owns Europa Universalis IV.

Available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, trade enthusiasts can purchase Wealth of Nations for $9.99, from digital storefronts worldwide as well as on the Paradox Store.

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