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Friday April 19, 2024
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Red Faction sequel in the works

THQ announces that a new Guerrilla title is set to release some time before March 2011

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THQ's recent Martian hit Red Faction Guerrilla will get a sequel sooner than many may have expected, with the publisher's CEO announcing that a follow-up is in the works.
THQ bossman Brian Farrell says that gamers should expect Red Faction Guerrilla 2 (temporary name) to hit store shelves sometime in the publisher's fiscal 2011, which ends March 31, 2011. Farrell says to expect "robust online gameplay" in the sequel. The game is also set to appear at this year's E3 conference.
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Red Faction: Guerrilla

Red Faction: Guerrilla

Red Faction: Guerrilla

Red Faction: Guerrilla
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Red Faction: Guerrilla
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Red Faction: Guerrilla is ranked #405 out of 1970 total reviewed games. It is ranked #31 out of 63 games reviewed in 2009.
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Red Faction: Guerrilla
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