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DUST 514
Platform: PlayStation 3

Dust 514 offering free skill reset

Optional, one-time skill respec available for limited time

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While changes are being made to the DUST 514 skill system thanks to player requests and feedback, developers at CCP are offering an optional, one-time skill respec.

All skill respec requests should be filed no later than 11:00 UTC (7:00 AM ET) on 31 May, 2013. A skill respec is a chance to redo your skill selections to better suit the changing systems.

Once a player requests a skill respec, all characters on that player's account will have their skill points refunded to their available skill pools. To request a one-time skill respec, players should contact the support team online by logging in with your PSN ID, and title your support ticket Skill Respec.

PSN purchases such as item bundles and AUR will not be adjusted during a skill respec. Only your current skills and ISK costs for skill books will be refunded.

Dust 514 is a free to play shooter that launched this month for PlayStation 3.

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Dust 514 Screenshots

Dust 514 Screenshots

Dust 514 Screenshots

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Dust 514
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PlayStation 3
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Dust 514
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