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DUST 514
Platform: PlayStation 3

Dust 514 launching in May

Free to play shooter ready for PS3 gamers

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During CCP’s annual EVE convention in Iceland this weekend, the developers have announced that the free-to-play MMO shooter DUST 514 will be ready to launch on PlayStation 3 next month.

The first free to play shooter on a console, Dust 514 will launch on May 14th, 2013 following a few Beta periods. "We could not be more excited to truly begin the uprising of our DUST Immortal Soldiers into the EVE Universe of New Eden. We could not ask for a better partner in PlayStation to release DUST 514 on PS3 and we could not have achieved all of the groundbreaking work without the support, feedback and passion of our Beta testers and fans," said Brandon Laurino, Executive Producer.

Dust 514 takes place in New Eden and is directly connected to CCP's first game, Eve Online. There is direct interaction between the two; player actions in one game affect the political and economic status of the other.

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Dust 514

Dust 514

Dust 514

Dust 514
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Dust 514
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PlayStation 3
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Dust 514 is ranked #1725 out of 1788 total reviewed games. It is ranked #148 out of 158 games reviewed in 2013.
1724. NHL 09
1725. Dust 514
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Dust 514
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