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MechWarrior Living Legends Beta released

MechWarrior Living Legends beta has been released, a much anticipated mod for Crysis

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One of the biggest mods for Crysis has finally hit beta today. Mechwarrior Living Legends is a multiplayer only mod for Crysis featuring a mix of first person and simulaton combat as you control Mechs from the Inner Sphere and Clan.

The download comes in at 1.4GB and it still has numerous bugs, so be warned you are not playing anywhere near a final release product.

The download is currently available on FileShack and a Torrent and list of mirrors can be found at the official website

Crysis installed and patched to 1.21

Upon downloading the mod you should have an archived directory.
This directory should be extracted to your Crysis install Directory which usually looks like “C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis”
Replacing Action-Maps
In order to get yourself up to date with the latest key commands to access all the functionality you want, you will have to grab them from the latest XML file provided in the MWLL BETA v.1.0 archive entitled.
1) Beta Testers - after installation, copy the file "example_actionmaps_for_joystick.xml" (EVEN IF YOU DONT USE JOYSTICK)
2) Paste this file to your Crysis profile found in - My Documents\My Games\Crysis\Profiles
3) You will have to paste to both profiles (if you have another one besides the default Crysis)
ensure you do this in both the default and YOUR PROFILE directory
My Documents\My Games\Crysis\Profiles\default\actionmaps.xml
My Documents\My Games\Crysis\Profiles\Criminal\actionmaps.xml
4) Finally delete your old "actionmaps.xml" and rename the copied "example_actionmaps_for_joystick.xml" to "actionmaps.xml"
Launching the game
You may launch the game using the MWLL Laucher
MWLL Launcher.exe is contained in Crysis\Mods\mwll folder
Alternatively you can add a –mod mwll in the target of a shortcut to the crysis executables. It will look like this “"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin64\Crysis.exe" -mod mwll”

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