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Online modes detailed for UFC Undisputed 3

Improved Online Matchmaking, content creation tools included

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THQ and the Ultimate Fighting Championship have announced new details surrounding the online feature set for UFC Undisputed 3.

The online feature set, with franchise-first community content sharing, improved online matchmaking and the return of Fight Camps, is currently scheduled to include a number of modes.

In Ranked Matches, players will select their fighters, referee and venue within UFC or PRIDE Mode. In addition, they will have the option to generate a Quick Match for automated matchmaking, a Custom Match to search with specific settings or select Create Session to host a match. Undisputed 3 will introduce new servers to significantly improve online matchmaking capabilities. Parameters will also be set on ranked matches to ensure fairness for leaderboard participants.

The game will automatically save gameplay footage from fight rounds, up to the 50 most recent, enabling players to go back and watch, save, and share them. A community hub will allow players to upload their custom content, including created fighters, highlight reels and logo designs, and share the items with others.

Players may apply to join an existing camp (online team) or create their own, including selection of the camp’s name, developing a camp ID for use in match lobbies and creating a camp banner to be displayed during matches. The Camp Menu will offer several options based on player rankings, including access to the camp’s member list to monitor online status, option to view camp milestones and progress, as well as the ability to invite new camp members, accept applications and edit camp profile settings.

UFC Undisputed 3 is in development for the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, and is scheduled to release on February 14, 2012.
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UFC Undisputed 3

UFC Undisputed 3

UFC Undisputed 3

UFC Undisputed 3
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UFC Undisputed 3
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