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Left 4 Dead 2 Australia strongly censored

Australians have been dealt a bad blow, L4D2 has been strongly censored making it tamer than the original Left 4 Dead and even changing some gameplay elements.

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Left 4 Dead 2 has been strongly censored in Australia.
  • Blood Spatter greatly reduced
  • No gore, no limb removal, no decapitation.
  • Zombie bodies disappear shortly after being killed
  • Uncommon infected DO NOT SPAWN.
This censorship essentially makes the game tamer than the original Left 4 Dead.
A large thread has been established over at the Steam forums dealing with the Australian version of L4D2, apparently those who preordered L4D2 in Australia got a nasty surprise when they started the game.
Interestingly, uncommon infected will not spawn for any Australian gamers. This was a new gameplay feature of L4D2 which consisted of unusual infected, such as bullet-proof Riot Police spawning. Anybody joining Australian servers will also not see these uncommon infected reducing gameplay elements introduced in the sequel.
The current thread on Steampowered forums has over 1,100 posts to the time of writing. Many are forwarding angry e-mails to South Australian Attorney-General, Hon. Michael Atkinson MP in an effort to draw attention to this absurd censorship.
There are also hints that people who have received gifts from those in non-censored regions are still receiving the censored version however at the time of writing this has been unconfirmed. 

"Australian version. - by Loubags" - Steam Forum Thread
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