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NHL 10
Platform: PlayStation 3

Patch details for NHL10 announced

The first title update promises gameplay tweaks, finally fixes the freezing issue

Posted on
EA Sports has announced that a title update is expected to be released on November 5th that addresses alot of issue that the community has brought forward since the release of the game.

Alot of gameplay tweaks have been implemented that the fans have asked for, however one issue remained un-mentioned by the notes - the freezing that many players have reported in Be a GM mode.

We contacted EA Sports for comment, and this morning got a reply:
"We are aware of the freezing issues that people have been experiencing on NHL 10. With the community’s help we identified these and our development team has addressed many of these issues in an upcoming title update. Even though our games go through many months of quality checking, some things slip through."
This certainly brings alot of promise to those with the issue (myself included). At this time it's also been spotted that the patch notes on the forums have been updated to reflect the information.

So those with freezing issues will have to hold off till November 7th to see if the Title update resolves the problem. Until then, let's watch some real hockey!

*** UPDATE: The patch was released a week early, and is now ready to download.
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#2 Oct 31, 2009 21:05:36 (Oct 31, 2009 21:05)

I posted exactly what the EA rep told us, and from what I understand they believe they have addressed the issue with the patch that came out this week (Nov 7th date got pushed earlier). Currently no plans for a second patch at the moment.
#1 Oct 31, 2009 18:49:13 (Oct 31, 2009 18:49)

 Wait a minute...they think they've solved the freezing in the current patch that came out on Thursday?  Or is this yet another patch for Nov 7th?  I've got 1.02 on my PS3, and I have the freezing issue confirmed, repeatable every time.  I have posted my info to their forums, hopefully they see it.
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NHL 10
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NHL 10
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NHL 10
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