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Buy weapon packs in Tribes Ascend

Tribes Ascend goes Free 2 Play in a controversial move by Hi-Rez studios

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Hi-Rez studios are going with the Free 2 Play model for the next iteration of Tribes. The plan is to generate income by supplying the players with continuous stream of new weapon loadouts. Previous Tribes games never had a huge range of weapons. The games did have inventory stations where you could select your armor type and the different weapons available. Are we now going to see dollar figures every time we go to an inventory station?
We have to wonder what kind of balancing nightmare they have opened up. Could they possibly make a set of weapons that offer no appreciable bonus on existing sets available for free? Keeping in mind they will want to sell these weapon sets or else they get no income. The general feedback from this decision has not been good among existing Tribes fans. We will see if this turns out to be a success when Tribes: Ascend releases later this year on PC and XBLA.
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Tribes: Ascend
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