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Saturday June 22, 2024
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Platform: Xbox Series X

Perfect Dark reboot gets new details

A new look at the gameplay of the upcoming re-imagining of the spy action game

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Microsoft and co-developers The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics have announced new details about Perfect Dark, a reboot of the classic secret agent series.

Perfect Dark is a first-person secret agent thriller in a near-future world. With the blessing of the original Perfect Dark studio, Rare (not to mention some of the leads from the original titles), Team Perfect Dark has pulled inspiration from elements of the first two games, but crafted an entirely new story and universe around them for this reboot.

In this reboot, Joanna Dark (voiced by Alix Regan with Elissa Bibaud lending visual likeness) is an agent for dataDyne, with a deep personal connection to what’s happening to her world. The near-future world has been impacted by what’s known as “The Cascade,” in which the planet has suffered from a series of environmental disasters, rendering entire regions inhospitable to human life. In the wake of the disaster, a hypercorporation known as Core Mantis steps in to create a solution known as The GEN Network, and deploys it in Cairo – restoring ecological balance and creating a freshly walled city, insulated from the hostile environment outside to become a center for technological innovation.

Players will have access to various gadgets, lethal and non-lethal weaponry, close-quarters combat, abilities that allow you to take down multiple enemies at once, and more.

Perfect Dark does not yet have a launch window, and is expected to release on Xbox Series X|S.

Perfect Dark reboot

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Perfect Dark (2025)
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