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Monday October 2, 2023
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Platform: PC

Helldivers 2 gets gameplay details

Mechanics and multiplayer details for upcoming sequel

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Arrowhead Game Studios have announced new Helldivers 2 gameplay details.

After your Helldiver defrosts on your ship, you and your squadmates must prepare for a mission by customizing your armor, your weapons, and your stratagems together. When selecting stratagems, it’ll be essential to coordinate with your team to select the best possible load-outs for the enemies and mission type.

Once your Hellpod lands on a planet, you can start calling in support stratagems, which include more powerful weapons, shield generators, and supply backpacks. Aside from the action, there will be cooperative objectives to tackle with your team as well. You’ll be able to share locations with each other and move together across the map. You’ll also encounter optional objectives to complete, requiring a small detour with your teammates, and of course, requiring more ammunition.

Helldivers 2 is planned for release on PS5 and PC this year.

Helldivers 2

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Helldivers 2
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