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Wednesday June 19, 2024
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Platform: Xbox One
Reviewed on PC

DREDGE Major Update v1.1.0 released

Map markers added and quest timers removed

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Black Salt Games have released patch 1.1.0 for DREDGE. Their Lovecraftian fishing game now allows gamers zoom and scroll in on the map to help navigation. Players will also be able to add up to 50 markers on the map that can be viewed with the spyglass.

The timers for certain quests have been removed. Hooded Figures and Castaway no longer need to be completed by a certain time and players who previously exceeded the timers wil be awarded the books given for their completion.

Various other changes also come with the patch. Basic material spots will restock over time. Quest items will have a description that lets you know they can be discarded after use. And the visibility of quest items has been increased with a visual effects tweak.

DREDGE came out on March 31, 2023.


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Reviewed on PC
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