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Platform: PC

Team Fortress 2 introduces micro-transactions

Players now able to purchase items with real money

Posted on
The biggest update in Team Fortress 2’s history is about to go live, letting players pay real money for in-game items, PCG revealed.

The Mann-conomy Update adds 17 new community-designed items, and the players who created them will receive a percentage of the takings from their sales. Item trading has also been added, along with item customisation systems for you to rename and recolour your kit. There’s a new dueling mini-game, crates of mystery items to be found and unlocked, and special item sets that give you major bonuses for wearing them all at once.
The update promises that this is not the end of free updates that players are used to. There are no plans to start charging for things such as map and class updates as well. Those who purchase items with real cash won't be able to trade them with other players.

The opinion on the feature is currently split among the community members. The full details and FAQ can be found on the
Update website.
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