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Destruction AllStars Season 1 DLC outlined

New content batch next week brings a character, game mode

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Lucid Games have announced details on the DLC Season 1 content that is set to begin next week in Destruction AllStars.

Season 1 will bring a new character - Alba. Her on-foot ability, or Character Breaker, summons blockers out of the ground in front of her. These blockers, called bulwarks, act in the same way that blockers do in our arena. Alba’s hero vehicle, Claymore, functions a little differently. Instead of a slam which pushes the vehicle in the chosen direction (forwards, left, or right), Claymore deploys a laser beam that sweeps and damages AllStars or vehicles in its area of effect. A Challenge Series will focus on her to be released alongside Season One.

Seasonal Challenges are an extension of existing Daily and Weekly challenges, only these award Season Points instead of XP and currency. Sponsor Challenges are objectives set by some of the companies that sponsor Destruction AllStars events in-game. These challenges are made available from the start of Season One and can be completed at your own pace, at any point before the end of the season. These challenges are available at no additional charge to all players.

The AllStar Pass will have 100 tiers to unlock, with some items available for all players alongside a premium tier that can be bought for 1000 Destruction Points.

A few weeks after the launch of Season One, Photo Mode will be making its way to Destruction AllStars. Further, Blitz is a brand new mode arriving about halfway into Season One.

Destruction AllStars made its debut in February as a free PS Plus title, but is now sold separately for $30USD.

Destruction AllStars

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Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars
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Destruction AllStars
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Destruction AllStars
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