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Platform: PC

Super Meat Boy Forever released

Platforming sequel offers randomly generated levels

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Super Meat Boy Forever is out today on the Nintendo Switch eShop and Epic Games Store, developers Team Meat have announced.

In the sequel, Meat Boy and his partner Bandage Girl have had a child, Nugget, who has unfortunately been kidnapped by the sinister stillborn psychopath, Dr. Fetus. So now it’s up to Meat Boy, Bandage Girl, and some new characters in the Meat Boy Cinematic Universe, to rescue the kidnapped child.

Levels are randomly generated and each time the game is completed the option to replay the game appears and generates a whole new experience by presenting different levels with their own unique secret locations. Meat Boy now packs a punch with an oversized, Battletoads-esque right fist, and has new slide and plummet maneuvers.

Super Meat Boy Forever is also coming to Xbox and PlayStation within a few months.

Super Meat Boy Forever

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Super Meat Boy Forever
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